speaking 2Would you like a Snapshot of Teens Today presentation or workshop for your group or organization?   Please contact me at daverozman@gmail.com for more information. Other topics Dave speaks on include:

  • Building Positive Relationships with Teens Today
  • Understanding Teens Today
  • Volunteer training for youth programs and youth ministries
  • Dave also consults on teen leadership events, teen programing, engaging teens today and more.

Hear what others are saying about Dave’s presentations:

Here is a response from my 3 hour “Snapshot of Teens Today” session that currently is certified as a Continuing Education credit for Social Workers in Michigan. “Dave’s training on Teen Trends was well received by participants! Dave was engaging, funny and presented relevant material for all of those working with, or raising teens. Participants walked away with a deeper knowledge of the teens we serve and how best to engage with them in order to enhance relationships. We look forward to having Dave back again in the future!”

Julie M. McGowan: Counseling Supervisor, Family Counseling Department – Bethany Christian Services Of Michigan

“In today’s society teens are portrayed in many negative ways, Dave’s “Teen Trends” presentation is different, providing a refreshing outlook on current teen trends and their culture.  Because of his personal connections with many youth and youth leaders from across the United States, the information he shares is up to date and uplifting.  Dave is very approachable and provides an interactive presentation that is a must see for any parent of a teen or those who work with teens.”

Jodi Glass: Parent Leadership Coordinator for Pathways, MI

“Dave has a definite passion for understanding and connecting with teens, and he is able to direct this passion into a presentation form that helps his audience gain a better understanding on the current pulse of teens.  His presentation style is both informative and entertaining, with the focus on how do we incorporate the current trends into our work with teens rather than focusing on  how do we change those trendspeaking 1s into what we deem fit.”  

Christopher Hulett: Foster Home Licensing Supervisor for Bethany Christian Services Of Michigan

Here are quotes from participants of a May 2014 Youth Worker training around engaging teens I facilitated in Indiana:

  • “Dave – one of the best minds concerning teens.”
  • “Excellent. I appreciate your knowledge & passion.”
  • “Speaker on Fire!”
  • “Dave is a great trainer.”

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