Articles on My Brain

When I started this blog I set a goal of blogging once a week, so far that has not happened. But I also set the standard that family came first and I would not put blogging before family time.  Recently I have been traveling for work to provide training to youth workers and that has eaten up a lot of my time so I have been carving opportunities to just hang with my wife and kids.

Instead of a normal blog entry today what I thought I would do is share with you some of the articles that I have found interesting lately. I hope you find them interesting as well.

Teens Text more than Adults, but They’re Still Just Teens by and posted on the website The Daily Beast (The online home of Newsweek Magazine).  I appreciated how this article put teens technology use in perspective. Here is one of the most powerful quotes from the article that had me jumping out of my seat in agreement, “Teens with strong social support will thrive regardless of whether they are talking to their friends in person, on the phone or through Facebook. And those teens at-risk—due to abuse, drugs, poverty, or mental health issues—are still in desperate need of empathy and resources.”

This next article was not specific to teens but when talking about the dangers of teens having easy access to technology these days, the access to pornography is always brought up. Any youth worker who works with teen boys needs to be aware of what it is doing to their brains. Here is one article I read recently on the topic titled, “This is your Brain on Porn” by Michael Cusick and posted on  When talking about the dangers of teens having access to technology so easily these days the access to pornography is always brought up.

And last this article hit home for me. I admit, I often struggle with the need to check my Facebook or twitter accounts frequently or respond to the most recent notification icon flashing on my phone. This article by Eric Dye posted on ChurchMag titled “Don’t Be a Smartphone Parent” was a good reminder for me about how important non-distracted family time can be. Recently I even turned off the notifications on my phone while on a short vacation. But I also downloaded instagram because of the cool pictures I could take of my kids.

That is just a sample of some of the articles I am reading that relate to working with teens or parenting. I hope you find them as interesting as I did. If you have an article that has challenged you or inspired you please pass it along, I would love to read it.