What Teens Want for Christmas: 2014 Edition

Christmas is a season filled with joy, laughter, and exchanging presents with relatives you might only see once a year. This can create more than a few awkward situations.

Purchasing a gift for a teenager can be one of those awkward situations where you take a wild guess and can end up as the best uncle ever or that weird guy who thinks teens still listen to music on CD’s. You want them to enjoy what you give them and find it useful, not end up on their bedroom floor or in the next garage sale.

To help you out, I surveyed teens to find out what they want or what they suggest getting the teen in your life for Christmas. Here is what they suggested:

  • Chromecast ($35) or Roku (Starting at $49.99): These are devices that you plug into Chromecasta TV that allows you to broadcast content and apps from your phone or tablet onto the TV screen. They can be used to stream content from apps such as Netflix and Hulu allowing teens to stop straining their eyes and neck trying to watch shows on their phones.
  • Bluetooth speakers that they can connect their phone or tablet to. Beats Pill and Mini Jambox are pretty popular options but also on the pricey side. There are a variety of cheaper options from $25-$100, just make sure the sound quality is goo and it produces a decent amount of bass when selecting a bluetooth speaker for a teen.
  • For the sports enthusiasts, Nike Elite socks are a good option and can be relatively cheap compared to the Air Jordan’s they also want. They make Elite socks for various sports as well as both genders. Here is an example of a Nike Elite basketball sock for guys.
  • Beats By Dre Headphones are still very popular with teens but are also among the most expensive headphones on the market starting around $170. The Urbeats are an alternative option but still run $99 a pair.
  • GoPro cameras are a very popular item and just right for the teen who likes to create content, take video or is into action sports.
  • Many of the girls mentioned clothing as an option if you knew their size and knew their sense of style. If not, gift cards to the following stores would do: Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Target, Forever 21, H & M or Foot Locker for the guys. If you live in a colder climate a scarf is also a great option for teen girl. Seriously, they can have one for each day of the month and still want more.
  • Phone accessories such as alternate cases. Make sure you find out what type of phone they have first.
  • Personal care items such as lotions or body wash from Bath & Body for the girls. Axe spray for the guys. Tip: ask that they refrain putting the Axe Spray on in the crowded room full of adults. Trust me.
  • Mass amounts of Gum!
  • The most popular item teens suggested were gift cards. This allows them to purchase something they want or add their own money to it to get a more expensive item. Here are a few gift card ideas:giftcard
    • Barnes & Noble for the reader
    • Amazon, that covers almost everything.
    • Starbucks for the coffee drinker.
    • iTunes for the music lover.
    • Wal-Mart, Target or a Visa Gift card are pretty safe bets.
    • Best Buy for the techie.

Do you have any ideas of what to get teens for Christmas to add to the list? Leave a comment and let me know. Of if have a funny story of an awkward moment of giving a gift to a teen or as a teen getting a gift from an adult please share. I would love to hear it.

What Teens Want for Christmas

I have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year. I’m listening to Christmas music with my family every chance I get, took my girls to look at Christmas lights around town and most importantly taken time to bless others with gifts this season. All of this has got me thinking, What do Teens Want for Christmas this year? 

I decided to do a very detailed and scientific study to answer this questions. My process you ask? It involved asking teens, asking youth workers who work with teens and parents of teens to ask them what they want. I know what you are thinking, that is very detailed and scientific indeed. Then I compiled the answers for my first every very scientific study of What Teens Want for Christmas this year. So here you have it.

Very popularimagesCA7IRI99 and mentioned by numerous teens were Video games and gaming accessories (for XBox 360, Wii and PS3). The most popular games that were asked for include Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Just Dance 4 and NBA 2K13.

Of course all things technology are always popular with teens, so it was no surprise that they wanted the latest gadgets and devices. Such as the Kindle Fire , Apple iPad and various Smartphones.

Before I get to the most popular items and my recommendations for the top gifts to get that teen in your life, let’s hear directly from a few teens about what they want for Christmas this year.

Reina, 15 yrs. Old: “For Christmas I want everyone around the world to have a good, warm meal, shelter, a good family, and toys for the little children.”

 Brayan, 16 yrs. Old: “For Christmas I want a PS3 and some games.”

 Davis, 15 yrs. Old: “I would like to get Black Ops 2 for my PS3.”

 teen christmasKevin, 17 yrs. Old: “For Christmas I don’t really need any material things because I have a job for that.  I just want to have a good year with my family and to do well in school.”

 Monica, 16 yrs. Old: “I would really enjoy getting something with a zebra pattern on it because I love zebra’s!”

 Irene, 15 yrs. Old: “What do I want for Christmas?  Oh…Justin Beiber perfume because it smells really good!”

 Michelle, 17 yrs. Old: “I want a professional camera for Christmas.”

 David, 14 yrs Old: “I would like, umm…an XBOX 360 controller.”

In case you have not already made a purchase for that teenager in your life, here are the top asked for gifts and my recommendations. Don’t worry, these can be relatively inexpensive.

The top item I heard teens ask for this year are headphones and earbuds. Now that almost all teens have a Smartphone or MP3 player of some sorts ear buds are turning into a must earbudshave accessory. They are for more than just listening to music, they are a fashion statement and many teens have multiple sets to go with different outfits and styles. The most popular and most asked for brand is Beats by Dre, which are on the pricy side. But don’t fret if that is way out of your price range. Teens also enjoy the less pricy but still stylish brand SkullCandy, which offers earbuds and headphones for all price ranges. Hint: you can find SkullCandy earbuds for right around $10 that would make a great stocking stuffer.

Whenever I am getting gifts or prizes for teens this next item is always at the top of my list. So I was not surprised to see many teens just asking for Gift Cards. (Visa Gift Cards, iTunes, amazon, movie theater etc.) They are excited because it allows them to get something they truly want vs. a gift they may not be too happy with. And the great thing is if they get several small gift cards, they may be able to add them up and get that one big item they had been hoping for.

So you heard it straight from Santa…I mean teens themselves. If you have to purchase a gift for a teen this year and they have not given you a list. Stick to what is listed here and you should be in good shape.